My Mentor.

I called Mr.Shabazz today, it’s been almost a year.

At first, I got no answer and when the mailbox was full, I thought that was unusual for him. So I prayed for his well being. We are in the midst of a pandemic and I hadn’t even checked in to see if he was ok. I was disappointed in myself.

In the middle of writing my last post, he called me back. I lit up inside, it took me a moment to relish in him being ok. I answered, for sure I would have to remind him who I was but he took that doubt away as soon as he spoke. “Is this the young lady who threw me in the ocean?”

He is the make version of Cicely to me. Older and wiser. If Ms.Cicely Tyson is the grandmother I always wanted, Mr.Shabazz is the grandfather.

I took so much joy in speaking to him.

He also brought up that million again, lol. But we spoke up the importance of sharing the wealth and he brought up an interesting coincidence. Made me laugh at the way God sets things up for us.

I had prayed recently, asking for God to send me my tribe, which why I think I was called to reconnect with Mr.Shabazz, he may the head member of my tribe!

It’s so nice to have people in your life who believe in you as much as you believe in yourself. That’s why I thankful for Mr.Shabazz.

I promise to stay in contact this time.

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