“Donda” – a live listen/review.

1. Donda Chant – hmmm okkk Kanye 🤔🤔 very Kanye to start it off on some weird sh*t.

2. Jail – so I see he moved this one up. Honestly, it’s the one song I really wanted to hear after watching the livestream. Jay Z’s verse 🙌🏾 hovie baby! Made in the imagine of God, I know that’s right. My favorite lines: “not me with all of these sins, casting a stone” speak to em! Feels like “Watch The Throne” for real. Don’t have to see you to touch you, this is what braille look like. It’s on sight! Such a Jay Z line, sometimes he is like sophisticated corniness. I love it. I had to run Jay Z’s verse back a few times before I let the album continue. Maybe that’s why he put it at the beginning, he had to let us get that Hov verse out our system or else we would have been waiting just to hear it.

3. God Breathed – ok ok. Took me a min to get into it but ok. *Insert Kombucha meme here* I like what he’s saying, as a woman of Christian faith I can dig it. The beat is really gothic like. Feels like a horror story set in the early Roman days. It’s dark. I was ready for it to end.

4. Off The Grind – this one is apparently for all the kids. I do not recognize the features on this song but I did like the second feature. I had to look him up. Maxie Lee Ryles, bka Fivio Foreign. Playboi Carti, was that you? I did not expect him to sign like that, things are starting to make sense. I actually ran this back just to hear Fivio Foreign again. “I’m feeling Marvelous!”

5. Hurricane – ok Lil Baby. Is Lil Baby the Wayne of the times? It’s was nice to see hear The Weekend. I think he was a nice addition to this song. “Everybody is so judgmental.”

6. Praise God – I’m not the biggest Travis Scott fan but after listening to his lyrics, I found myself bopping my head a little bit. I’m always here for some God talk, because he is good. It was nice to see that Baby Keem was on the album, I had heard about him years ago and upon looking him up I see that he has a new song with Kendrick Lamar that I will be checking out.

7. Jonah – I will have to listen to this another time. Lil Durk is on the song, which is nice since he’s also from Chicago. Kanye was giving big Unc vibes.

8. Ok ok – I’m bored. Maybe I’ll have to listen to this one another time, too.

9. Junya – I was almost sleep through this too but the Giannis line woke me up.

10. Believe What I Say – I am here for the Lauryn sample.

11. 24 – this one is said to be for the late great, Kobe. May he Rest In Peace.

To be continued……..


So far, I think Kanye did a bit too much. I mean, there’s 27 songs. Which we should have figured considering how long it took him to finally release the album. But it literally just came out, so I think I have to give it time to settle. I do like how Kanye featured a lot of…… how do I say it? B and C list rappers? I think that was nice of him, but he made have had selfish intentions because why else would a Playboi Carti fan listen to a Kanye album? I’m also not sure what song Jadakiss is on, if he even made it to the final cut. I would like to hear that one. One thing for sure is that I love the God and Jesus’s references.

In the meantime, I will be listening to “Jail” on repeat so I can hear the greatness that is Jay Z’s verse.

If you have listened to the album, what’s your favorite song?

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