Really Love.

I love how “Really Love” takes places in DC. Partly because it’s where I fell in love with the man who ended up becoming the father of my first born. I fell in love with both him and DC, while I was there, matter of fact.

“Really Love” is soft and sensual like “The Photograph.” Visually pleasing like it, as well.

The professional and the artist. My ideal relationship. But in my head, my artist is already successful. The successful woman and broke man storyline is cliche but that is often our reality as black women. They’ve been trying to teach us how to “stay down” for decades. If it’s not the broke-ness we are staying down for, it’s the infidelity. This is where “Really Love” and “The Photograph” differ.

I can always appreciate a black love story though.

Suzzane Douglas plays the mom of Stevie, who is 1/2 of the star duo. She recently passed away and I’m surprised that I didn’t see any acknowledgment of that on their IG page. But that’s not what this review is about.

Kofi Siriboe (my bae!) plays Isaiah, the broke artist. And Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing, plays the successful law student. She was a joy to watch, so beautiful. Mack Wilds is also in there.

Love that they threw a little Ari Lennox in it btw, especially considering that she’s a DC native.

However cliche “Really Love” may be, the passion between Stevie and Isaiah, got me.

It is a beautiful love story and to my surprise I loved the ending. I don’t typically enjoy cliff hanger endings. “Really Love” was art in motion.

Bringing my love of love, DC and melanin together, “Really Love” is definitely one for the hopeless romantics.

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