Today, I love my job.

Some days my greatest accomplishment just seems like just making it up and down the stairs without dropping my son. (I have never dropped btw.) (He walks when he’s awake.)

But today was a good day and I feel like I have accomplished more. Work was good, I felt like I served a bigger purpose.

I was reminded of the impact, we as educators, have on our students.

I realized how much power I have in changing my students lives just by setting them up with a good foundation and helping to build their confidence.

It seems that when I stop worrying so much about my own problems, I get to see the bigger picture. Go figure.

I truly do love those kids and I would protect them with all that I have. Every student who joins our school, becomes my own even if for only 8 hours a day.

My love for the children is what keeps me there in the first place, tbh.

So today, I love my job and I am grateful for my position.

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