A prayer for my son.

Dear God,

Thank you for my son.

I ask that guide me as I raise him to become a man in your imagine.

May he be wise and mighty.

May he treat everyone he meets with kindness and respect.

May his light shine from the inside out, and everyone who knows God, will recognize him.

I pray that he is stronger than me, smarter than me, and more gifted than me.

I pray that his confidence comes by his faith, so that he will always remain humble. For the meek shall inherit the earth.

I pray that he is a good friend, brother, husband, father and son.

I pray that you protect him dear Lord, so that he can be a messenger of your word.

I pray that he helps save the souls of the lost.

Please continue to guide me, so that I can guide him.

Thank you dear Lord.

In Jesus’s name we pray, amen.

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