When I talk about family, I’m mostly referring to my father’s side, The Henderson’s.

They are the side who has taught me what family is about. We are no where near perfect, there’s always a little family drama somewhere but we always find a way to come together and have a good time.

I always know that I am loved when I am around family. They may not know me well or understand me but I know for certain that they love me. I can always feel it in the warm embrace they give me when we haven’t seen each other in a long time.

My uncle Rudy, my uncle Jack, my dad and my uncle Bubba, my uncle Wymon and my aunt Theresa. They are the people responsible for making my family so large. And before that was Grandma Lillie and my grandfather W.L. Whom I can’t remember meeting but who I have always wondered about.

I do remember going to his funeral because it was the first time I seen my dad cry. One single tear down his cheek is all I can remember.

I adored my father growing up. He was and still is everything to me. He has always been so cool. It’s funny because when I asked him about his father, he says the same thing.

My whole family is cool. My uncle Rudy was a well loved mail man in California. I don’t remember much about my uncle but I have only heard good things about him.

I have only one memory of him and that’s this time he was sitting on my parents couch. I think it was a dark blue-ish couch with a corduroy type fabric, I think because I remember stripes of some sort. (But this could just be my imagination making this up.)

Well he was sitting on the couch and he was showing me and somebody else, (most likely my cousin Jhasmine) a game. Which I believe was Connect 4.

And that’s it. But I always loved that moment because where my others uncles and aunt didn’t engage with us much because we were so young, there uncle Rudy was, teaching us a game. Meeting us where we were. I appreciated that.

My uncle Jack did too. Uncle Jack has my favorite nickname for me, karate. I loved watching karate movies with my dad growing up and would often mimic the moves I had seen, hence the nickname karate. (I’m sure I was a super weird kid growing up.) This also gave me my dad’s nickname “most pow-fist” which is the one I hated. My mom jokes that by him calling me that, is why I’m so full of myself now.

She may be right though, lol. Shoutout to manifestation!

Fittingly, my dad’s twin, uncle Bubba, always called me that too. And so did his children, Shaun, NayNay, Marvin and Anthony. The ones younger than me knew to put some respect on my actual name, lol. (JUST KIDDING GUYS)

My uncle Wymon was the one I was always low key was afraid of, ever since that time I was playing a little too rough with his daughter. I’m not sure if it was Arie or Melissa but I think it was Melissa, she was a baby if I’m remembering correctly. I’m not sure if I was tossing her up in the air or what but I’m sure whatever I was doing, he was absolutely right for yelling at me and as a parent now, I understand. It has taken me years to let this go to be honest, but as my cousin Jhasmine would say, that Henderson petty runs deep.

Then there’s my aunt Theresa, the only girl and also the baby of the 6. Oh my auntie Theresa. She has always been a dignified lady. I remember her correcting our speech when we were growing up. I laugh about it now but I recall being afraid to talk around her. It hurt my feelings every time she did because people would make fun of the things I would mispronounce all the time but again, I have learned that, that was just some much needed correction.

It has taken me so long to learn how to truly see my family and recognize how much they mean to me. I am so proud to be apart of this family. And I know I haven’t done much to show it but I appreciate every single member of the Henderson clan.

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