Happy Birthday Dad.

Recently I had to deal with the uncertainty of Covid-19.

It was my first time witnessing someone close to me go through covid.

I have never been so afraid.

The thought of losing my father was driving me crazy.

I cried.

I prayed.

And cried some more.

I pleaded with God.

I just was not ready for lose him, although I know no one is ever ready.

I went from tears to preparing myself to cope with his loss, by at least making sure he got to heaven. I sent him videos of prayers, DMX prayers specifically because I knew that it would get his attention.

I thought the video could do 1 of two things, motivate him to get better or make sure he got to heaven.

The Christian bliss.

The hope of the unknown.

The faith of the spirit.

That’s what I love about Christianity. It is a safe space. Fear is not allowed there. All is right, Jesus saves.

So I prayed and I sent prayers.

And then my dad tested negative for covid.

Look at God.

This may be the help of some other things, like the medicine he took as soon as he tested positive, the ginger tea I brought him, the fruit he ate or the sunlight everyone advise that he got. But my belief is beneath it all, it was God

He survived covid last month and this month, today, he turned 62.

I am grateful.

Happy birthday dad.

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