A New Journey.

Last month, I quit my job after 4 long years as director. It was sort of an impulsive act. Although I had thought about for a few days, I did it with no back up plan or no money saved.

I was fed up. I was tired of being in an environment where I felt like I wasn’t being watered. For four years, I worked the same hours, seen the same people and did pretty much the same thing every day. I hated it. The longing for something more was like a ticking bomb inside of me and that finally went off.

The ironic thing is, I had just written a post about loving my job. And two weeks later I was unemployed. But life is funny like that. In a way, I did love my job. I liked the purpose I served. And I still love the kids and care about them getting a good education but to be my growing love for the job scared me. Deep down I knew that isn’t where I wanted to be and growing to love it felt like I was in a sinkhole. Stuck.

As one of the girls would say, “if you spend enough time with a tree, you’re going to love it”. My job was my tree and I was learning to love it because I had spent so much time with it. But in reality, I was just settling.

So that’s why I quit.

Now, I’m just figuring it out.

I start school tomorrow and I’m a little excited but a lot of nervous. I’m happy that when someone asks me what I did today I can answer with more than a dressed up “nothing”. I’m happy that I will be finally working towards something I really want. I am confident that this new path will lead me to the career of my dreams but I know there will be some hurdles and bumps a long the way.

One hurdle is is figuring out my income situation because unfortunately, school doesn’t pay the bills nor does it stop them.

I have no doubt that I’ll find a way to make it work though.

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