Friends (again.)

It’s exactly 2 weeks until my birthday. Every birthday is like a “how good of a friend have you been this year” test. Who will be there to celebrate with me? I wonder. I think about all the birthday celebrations I didn’t attend, most likely due to the depression or Eli. (It’s rare that I […]

Apartment Therapy.

I think the reason I’m so excited to move is because I can’t wait to be somewhere that I will feel like I belong. I never felt like I belong in my home. I always felt different. Always misunderstood. Do you know what it feels like to be an outcast amongst the people who are […]

Health Insurance Is A Scam.

I started the year with big plans. I was going to “fix” myself up. I was going to see a therapist, and clearly that was a fail. Instead of therapy, I thought maybe I’ll just see a confidence coach and a speech coach. Yeah…………. no. I definitely looked into it but everything is just so […]


Happy Valentine’s Day! I sent out a newsletter this morning sharing an event I did last year and why I did it. I wanted to elaborate on that more. The event was called Painting With Reyna. And it was the first event I did as The Connect. I had just finished Reyna’s book and was […]

But first, coffee.

38 days till I’m out of here! My parent’s house that is. I can not mf wait. I have been window shopping for my new place since I knew I was moving.I am TOO excited. I can’t wait to turn my house (apartment) into my home. Full of things I love. Once upon a time […]

30 Days to 30.

I will officially be entering my 30s in 30 days. Wow. As with almost everyone, I imagined entering my 30th year so much definitely. Like I thought for sure I would be rich by now. I thought I would be married with kidS. Living in a beautiful house, running my own business from the comfort […]

She found her focus The beast awoken. Jhene Aiko


Songs that helped. This one is dedicated to my HS bff, Megan. This song is what motivated me to start this blog btw. I have always been so afraid to share my truth with others but I still felt inclined to do so, and the response I have been getting since makes me realize why […]


That’s right this post is about the p word. I would like to take a brief moment to share with you all, this time I made one of those little paper gadgets we we played in elementary school. Where you had to “press here” then pick a color and/or a number until you reach the […]

Coming Back From Depression.

It’s been a tough couple of months, I have been in and out of depression but I think I’m back for a while now. At least I hope so. I found myself looking to see when my period is coming, fearing it’s arrival and the mood swings that it my bring. I hope it doesn’t […]


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