Sex Thoughts

I’m trying to find out relationships work. I’m trying to find out how to blur the lines between lovers and friends. How do we remain friends while also not committing to a relationship? Just respect for each other. I will respect us having an intimate relationship by not having an intimate relationship with someone else. […]


I find comfort in the signs I believe my ancestors are giving me. I find comfort in thinking they are here with me when I am at my lowest. Reminding me that I am worth it. In the smallest of things, I find these comforts. When I am on a escape through a playlist and […]


I think I have been going about my interactions with people wrong. When I meet people, I try to meet them at the heart. I try to see who they are, not what they look like or what they are wearing. I noticed those things before you even opened your mouth. But when I greet […]


I think someone sent out a subliminal tweet about me yesterday, saying I was pressed to be in a relationship. Or did I just take offense to it because I am? Idk. I am feeling more and more unfulfilled by the relationships I have with people, not just intimate ones. As I get older, I […]


Can we bring back relationships coming before the sex? The times where you had to be my man before you get in my pants. We have all gotten way to comfortable with the idea of having sex without commitment. Sex is a very risky act that can be life changing. And these days It is […]

Frying Chicken.

Let me start off by saying, I am fairly new to cooking. There’s a A LOT of stuff I’m still learning, so don’t get all judgey on me, ok? Thanks. Alright guys. I have two cooking goals this year, and that is to master a fried chicken and mac & cheese recipe. And I would […]

Updates: just some rambling.

Hello! You guys, I am noticing one of my major flaws and that is starting something but not finishing it. As soon as things stop being fun, I’m out. I feel like I deal with enough stress to be adding unnecessarily stressful things to my life. But, am I just making excuses??? I also realize […]

Dear Diary: #soupbae revisited.

Now that I have talked about the man that I want, let me talk about the men I don’t. One in particular: #soupbae Now, you know the story of how the man brought me soup for my birthday. If not, it’s here. But being the Pisces that I am, I continued rocking with him. Even […]


Dating in your 30s is a trip. Because the older you get, the more you know exactly what you’re looking for. And the more I know what I’m looking for, the more I run into guys who are just not it. Although I do think that at a certain point, you become comfortable with just […]

Welcome Home.

Hey y’all! It makes me so happy to see people loving what I’m doing my home. Dealing with depression and anxiety, I really wanted to create a space that brought me peace. Although I’m no where near finished, I wanted to share what I have done so for. Starting with where I started. So my […]


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