A New Journey.

Last month, I quit my job after 4 long years as director. It was sort of an impulsive act. Although I had thought about for a few days, I did it with no back up plan or no money saved. I was fed up. I was tired of being in an environment where I felt […]


I’m learning how to keep my feelings to myself and only to express them in spaces that I feel safe, which is here. It is better this way. People are too overwhelmed with their own issues to be bothered with mine. I understand. It’s why I say that everything is fine. I’m ok. Today was […]


Some dreams stay dreams, some dreams come true. I guess it all depends on how bad you want it. What does it take to achieve your dreams? Some say discipline but I believe it is experience. Because, what is the motivation behind the discipline? What fuels the discipline? The experience. I have noticed that the […]

Happy Birthday Dad.

Recently I had to deal with the uncertainty of Covid-19. It was my first time witnessing someone close to me go through covid. I have never been so afraid. The thought of losing my father was driving me crazy. I cried. I prayed. And cried some more. I pleaded with God. I just was not […]


When I talk about family, I’m mostly referring to my father’s side, The Henderson’s. They are the side who has taught me what family is about. We are no where near perfect, there’s always a little family drama somewhere but we always find a way to come together and have a good time. I always […]

Please, no photos.

My insecurities run deep. After years of being pointed out my flaws, I can’t help but notice them myself. I have remembered every negative thing someone has said about me and now I can’t unsee (or hear) it. I have been told I have cankles, that I talk like I have a lot of spit […]


Happy birthday to Queen B. There’s no room for Beyoncé haters on this blog.

“Don’t have to see you, to touch you.” – Jay Z

Sometimes, I write.

Sometimes when I write, I forget that others can and may read it. That’s why you may notice a lot of errors in my posts. I rarely go back and reread what I wrote. I mostly just pour out my heart and soul then hit publish. I guess that’s what I get for keeping a […]

A prayer for my son.

Dear God, Thank you for my son. I ask that guide me as I raise him to become a man in your imagine. May he be wise and mighty. May he treat everyone he meets with kindness and respect. May his light shine from the inside out, and everyone who knows God, will recognize him. […]


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