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Latest from the Blog

Friends (again.)

It’s exactly 2 weeks until my birthday. Every birthday is like a “how good of a friend have you been this year” test. Who will be there to celebrate with me? I wonder. I think about all the birthday celebrations I didn’t attend, most likely due to the depression or Eli. (It’s rare that I […]

Apartment Therapy.

I think the reason I’m so excited to move is because I can’t wait to be somewhere that I will feel like I belong. I never felt like I belong in my home. I always felt different. Always misunderstood. Do you know what it feels like to be an outcast amongst the people who are […]

Health Insurance Is A Scam.

I started the year with big plans. I was going to “fix” myself up. I was going to see a therapist, and clearly that was a fail. Instead of therapy, I thought maybe I’ll just see a confidence coach and a speech coach. Yeah…………. no. I definitely looked into it but everything is just so […]

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