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A New Journey.

Last month, I quit my job after 4 long years as director. It was sort of an impulsive act. Although I had thought about for a few days, I did it with no back up plan or no money saved. I was fed up. I was tired of being in an environment where I felt […]


I’m learning how to keep my feelings to myself and only to express them in spaces that I feel safe, which is here. It is better this way. People are too overwhelmed with their own issues to be bothered with mine. I understand. It’s why I say that everything is fine. I’m ok. Today was […]


Some dreams stay dreams, some dreams come true. I guess it all depends on how bad you want it. What does it take to achieve your dreams? Some say discipline but I believe it is experience. Because, what is the motivation behind the discipline? What fuels the discipline? The experience. I have noticed that the […]

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