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Sex Thoughts

I’m trying to find out relationships work. I’m trying to find out how to blur the lines between lovers and friends. How do we remain friends while also not committing to a relationship? Just respect for each other. I will respect us having an intimate relationship by not having an intimate relationship with someone else. […]


I find comfort in the signs I believe my ancestors are giving me. I find comfort in thinking they are here with me when I am at my lowest. Reminding me that I am worth it. In the smallest of things, I find these comforts. When I am on a escape through a playlist and […]


I think I have been going about my interactions with people wrong. When I meet people, I try to meet them at the heart. I try to see who they are, not what they look like or what they are wearing. I noticed those things before you even opened your mouth. But when I greet […]

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